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I apologize ahead of time if I'm corssing lines or breaking any rules.

I have two extra Motion City Soundtrack tickets for sale, or gift, I guess. I just really need to get these off my hands. They're for the October 31st show at the House of Blues Orlando. Let me know if you, or anybody else, is interested. is my email, just in case. I'm always up for new friends and conversationalists, too! =]

It's go time, kids

If you haven't heard, MCS is up for an AOL "Sessions Under Cover" thing. This means new interviews, songs, acoustic stuff, and best of all a NEW COVER SONG from the boys! But we have to vote them into first - right now the Daphne Loves Derby kids are 9% ahead of us. So here's what you can do to help MCS out:

Click on this link:
...and vote for MCS.
Tricks for multi-voting (this is how the DLD kids got so far ahead):
1. Select MCS and then just rapidly click the "vote" button before the results page loads.
2. Select MCS, click "vote" once, and then hold down your enter key for as long as you want, the votes will just keep registering.

So get voting if you want some new Motion City Soundtrack material!